Low-Income Fare Trial (LIFT)

Frequently Asked Questions

This page was last updated February 14, 2024

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Data Walks

Gift Cards

Transit discount

Data protection



What is the Low-Income Fare Trial (LIFT)?

Is LIFT the same as the new Metro for DC bill passed in December, 2022?

Is LIFT the same program as WMATA’s Metro Lift?

What other transit programs are available in DC?

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Data Walks

What is a data walk?

Who is hosting this session?

Who is this session for?

How will what I say be used?

What language will the data walk be conducted in?

I need an accommodation to attend—what do I do?

What will I get out of the session?

How can I get to the Martin Luther King Memorial Library?

I can’t get childcare—can I bring my kids?

How will I receive my gift cards?

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Gift Cards

When will LIFT participants receive their $30 digital gift card for taking the LIFT survey?

I got an email or text message about a $25 gift card from LIFT. Is the message real?

Can I request a physical gift card instead of a digital gift card?

What if I encounter a problem with my gift card?

What if my Visa gift card is lost or stolen?

Can I use my digital gift card for in-store purchases?

Can I add the money from my digital gift card to my LIFT SmarTrip card?

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Transit discount

I have money on my LIFT SmarTrip card. How do I make sure I don’t lose that money when my card stops working after October 30?

Why did my LIFT SmarTrip card stop working after October 30, 2023?

I was selected to receive a $25 Visa gift card in the lottery but not a transit discount. What does that mean?

I received a half-price discount in the lottery. What does that mean?

I received free unlimited trips in the lottery. What does that mean?

Who decides whether I receive a LIFT discount?

What specific bus and rail options can I use this transit discount on?

Does LIFT provide a discount on MetroAccess?

Can I add value to my LIFT SmarTrip card through the SmarTrip mobile app or online?

Can I transfer my LIFT SmarTrip card to my phone (through Apple Wallet or Google Pay)?

Can I sell my LIFT SmarTrip card?

Can I share my LIFT SmarTrip card?

How long can I use my free unlimited trips or half-price discount?

Am I allowed to participate in other DC Government programs during LIFT?

What if my LIFT SmarTrip card is lost or stolen?

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Data protection

How will DC Government use my information?

How will my data be protected?

Will I be contacted in the future if I participate in this program?

Why am I asked to provide my Social Security or A-number?

Why am I asked to provide information about my race and ethnicity?

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How can I update my contact information for LIFT?

I have questions about DOEE’s utility affordability programs or my utility bills. Can you help me?

I have questions about WMATA’s Metro Lift. Can you help me?

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If you have questions about LIFT that aren’t answered here, please contact us at [email protected] or call LIFT at 202-304-1975.